Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Living Room

We love our living room. This is the only room I'm not sure what color I would paint. Tan? Yellowish? Orangey red? I keep changing my mind. But it's all moot because, if you haven't realized by now, we're not allowed to paint. (Much to my dissatisfaction)

Daddy's chair. Many a story is read in this chair. Also, we stash Noah's toys in the ottoman for quick clean up.

The green cabinet houses our TV and movie collection. I really like being able to close the doors on all that stuff and let our living room be a quiet relaxing place. We really love having a fireplace. Recently we found java-logs which are fire logs made from spent coffee grounds. They burn longer and cleaner than regular fire logs and they smell pretty good, too. Not strong, like coffee, but just kind of sweet.

The couch. We chose this couch because of it's removable, washable slipcover. You can't really tell in the photos, but both the couch and the chair are covered with little "toddler" stains.

Closeups of the items on our sofa table: orchid, resin balls in a pottery bowl, freakishly huge pear scented candle.


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