Thursday, November 07, 2013

Craft Fair

Well, it's Christmas Bazaar season!  This weekend I have my first bazaar of the season.  I set up my booth this afternoon and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.   One thing that's cracking me up in this photo though is that my bunting banner looks like it reads Hat Shappy.  Also, my table cloth is crooked.

I have over 80 pairs of earrings on display.

Some pretty wire wrapped rings.  I'm loving the coral and silver one.

Remember the Feathered Friends Earrings?  How about some Feathered Friends Necklaces?  I've made them in large and small sizes.  Here are the large:

And here are the small.  I really love how the white one turned out.

My tree necklaces are my all time favorite things to make.  

The popular Lace Leaf Earrings in aqua!  I've been playing with enamel.

These earrings are new this year.  I haven't come up with a name yet.  They come in silver and gold and are so lightweight and comfortable.  And they go with everything!

I found these cute little acrylic buttons and they were just begging to be made into hair pins.

I also turned a few into earrings.  I wish I could have found more colors!

Beach Comber Necklaces, a sand dollar and a crab, both with sea glass beads.  

I love how these two necklaces look together!  

The Wild Branch Necklace...another favorite to make.  And I love those colors.

I made a bunch of nest necklaces and attached tiny swallows to them.   I also made some matching earrings!

My pretty new Poppy & Pearls Necklace display.  My friend, Lora, actually made this out of one those things that hold fireplace tools.  I gave it a little makeover to better match my display and I'm giddy over how it turned out.

And, of course, Bloom Brooches.  Some of these have feathers!  

I'm tired from working so hard to put all this together but I'm also excited about tomorrow.  Hopefully everyone will love my work and I'll sell every single item.  One can dream, right?

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  1. I wish I could buy one of everything! They're all just so pretty!!!


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