Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Trophy Mom

Miles:  What are you doing with your hair?

Jeana:  Trying to make it look pretty.

Miles: Oh.  Then everyone will be sad.

Jeana:  Why will they be sad?

Miles:  Because then you will get a trophy.  A pretty hair trophy.

Jeana:  Oh.  And they'll be sad because they didn't get a trophy, too?

Miles:  No.  They'll be sad because they don't like your sweater.


  1. That is seriously so awesome :) haha! Thanks for a good laugh. Emma said something like that once. I had put on a new pastel striped sweater and came walking down the hallway. She looked up and said, "Wow, big rainbow coming!" Yeah, I turned around and changed...

  2. I just don't understand how the Linhart boys come up with such entertaining things to say. I am sure your sweater wasn't as bad as he made it seem!! :)


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