Monday, September 16, 2013

That's Happy Update

Well, I'm happy to say that That's Happy is doing really well!

I've been listing new merchandise like crazy!  I have a bunch of these adorable Vintage Fisher Price Little People.

And even a few of their bigger accessories like this super cute family camper.    They've already been seeing a lot of love on etsy.  These are such fantastic toys!  I wish my kids were still into them.  They've all moved on to legos, legos, legos all the time.

I've also listed some new jewelry.  Remember my Candy Shoppe necklace?  I added some earrings!  They're so funny and cute.  I want to make some with Christmas colored sprinkles.  If you can't get away with wearing candy on ears at Christmas, when can you?

These next few pairs are some of my new favorites.  So simple and mod.  They are flat tear drop shapes cut from copper and coated with a layer of enamel on the front.  This teal pair sold within 10 minutes of me listing it.  But I'm definitely going to make more--they are so fun!

They are also really pretty in just plain copper.  The copper is aged so it has a really nice patina and low lustre.

Here they are again in a deep blackberry purple color.  I just love them!

The vintage side of my shop has been so fun!  I have a bunch of new treasures that I'm working on listing.  Taking photos and editing them takes the longest time.  But I'm really enjoying that part, too.

Look at this sweet little tea towel! It's meant to be embroidered but the drawn on picture is cute as is, too.

I found this 1978 calendar and was drawn to the rich colors.  Wouldn't it be so sweet to draw a heart around the birthday or anniversary of someone you know who was born or married in 1978 in Alaska?  I think it would also make a really fun throw pillow or tote bag.

 And then there are the scarves.  I had a small stash of Ruffle Scarves leftover from last Christmas.  I decided to discontinue them and then a friend from high school asked if I had any more.  I took pictures of what I had left and then decided since I already had the pictures I might as well list them in my shop.  You guys, I sold out within 24 hours!

I have enough fabric to make a few more scarves so that's what I'll be working on over the next couple of weeks.  They are really pretty and fun.  Now I'm thinking twice about discontinuing them!

I also made this lovely infinity scarf. I'm not planning on making a bunch of them but I found this fabric and it just seemed to say, "Make me into an infinity scarf." So I did.  The fabric came from a sweet friend who is moving and she let me rummage through her fantastic fabric collection last week.  I came away with a bunch of treasures so hopefully there will be some new sewn things in my shop this fall.

This change has been so good for me.  I am excited about creating again!  It truly is happy.

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  1. I love all your new inspiration! :) I so want a pair of those mod copper earrings...but I probably have to wait financially anyway...haha! Can't wait to see more of your brain children! (Does that work in the plural?)


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