Thursday, September 05, 2013

Powder Room

This the first time I've shown the inside of our little powder room.   There are no before pictures.  Just imagine a tiny white room with an ugly pinkish tan trim and a dingy white vanity with black plastic handles and and a mirror so small you couldn't even see your whole face in it. was bad.

When we first moved in I got rid of that mirror lickety-split.  And when I painted the main bathroom I also painted this one the same color.  I also painted the vanity the same dark espresso color as the cabinets in the main bathroom.  And then this bathroom sat for years looking slightly less ugly but it was still very neglected.

Replacing the flooring in the back hallway/laundry room area is really what started this little makeover.  For a long time I wanted to add floating shelves like they have in this image I pinned (sadly, it's one of those annoying pins that leads to nowhere.)

But our house is really old (1890) and nothing is square.  I mean nothing.  And I knew getting perfectly aligned floating shelves with no seams was beyond my capabilities.

I also had a ton of artwork just laying around since taking it down from from our Linh{art} gallery in the step down/hallway/nook/weird space when I painted stripes on those walls.  (Pictures still to come!)

So one day I just started hanging pictures.  I decided not to over think it and just starting filling in spaces.  Most of the paintings are from my children.  It just tickles them to see their artwork framed and hanging on our walls around the house.  The "love" is from the giant spool of thread I had in my craft room/jewelry studio.  And there are a few framed cards from Geary with love notes inside that I don't want to lose.

When I got near the bottom of the wall toward the toilet I kept thinking that the box of tissue on the tank was a real eyesore.  And then I remembered this amazing whale tissue box I had seen on etsy.

Whale Tissue Holder from shopSparklyPony

I loved everything about it.  Except for the price.  $40 for a tissue holder is way out of my budget.  But then I remembered that I have a husband who has developed the skill of making wooden boxes!  So I had Geary build me a box.  And then I turned that box into my own whale tissue holder.

It makes me happy.   I'm thinking we should make a few more.

This bathroom is super tiny, as I mentioned before.  It was really difficult to get pictures of the vanity/sink part of the room.  I ended up just sticking my arm in the bathroom with the camera in my hand pressed up against the wall and taking a bunch of shots and hoping they would turn out.  Here's what I got.

The painted vanity.  I need to touch up that one area right by the edge of the sink.  And then probably put some kind of protective coating over the paint.  Six years later...

I would also love to get a new faucet.  You can't really tell in the picture but this faucet is old and kind of rusty and the finish is chipped and cracked in a few places.

A pretty soap dispenser would be nice, too.

I found a mirror at Ikea in the As-Is section about five years ago. It's just been leaning against the wall behind the sink since then.  The plan was to frame that mirror and hang it up.  But let's just be honest, if that hasn't happened in the last five years it's probably never going to happen.  No adult can see their head in the mirror.  My friend, Katy, suggested that I write on the wall something like, "You look fine.  Nothing in your teeth."  My friend Micah suggested that I have a sign saying, "Maximum Occupancy: 12" somewhere in the bathroom.  I like both ideas. :)

So, I'm on the hunt for a cool mirror that already comes with hanging hardware.  And don't tell Geary, but I kind of want to paint this room again.  I like the paint color in the main bathroom but in here it reads a little more yellow and sometimes peach-ish.  But really, the mirror is the main thing.  Once that's up on the wall I can declare this room done.


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