Monday, September 09, 2013

Mommy and Miles

I love Miles so much.  But after this first week of school with his brothers gone all day, my ears are a little tired from his constant chatter!

He often retells stories to me and he likes start with "You know what?"  

"You know what that guy said?"
"You know what cows like to eat for breakfast?"
"You know what I'm gonna be today?"

If I respond with a simple, "What?"  he thinks I haven't heard his question.  So our conversations go like this:

Miles:  You know what that guy said?
Jeana:  What?
Miles:  You know what that guy said?
Jeana:  What?
Jeana:  No.  What did he say?
Miles:  He said, "I like bacon."

I am learning to respond with a full sentence answer the first time.

Another thing that's amusing/annoying about talking to Miles is that he'll ask the same question 45 times in a row.   At our back to school night we had an ice cream social.  This was our conversation.

Miles:  Are we going to have ice cream?
Jeana:  Yes!
Miles:  Can we?
Jeana:  Yes.  I already said yes.
Miles:  Can we please?

So I've started a new thing I'm calling "Asked & Answered."  If Miles asks me a question repeatedly that I've already answered, I ask him, "Did I already answer your question?"  Usually he'll nod.  Then I'll confirm, "Asked and answered."  I don't even think it's that he wants me to change my mind...obviously not in the case of the ice cream.  But nonetheless I want him to know that I mean what I say and that my first answer will remain the answer until I say otherwise.  So far he's responding well.   Although, he likes to put his own spin on it.

Today he used the bathroom and called out, "Mom!  I'm done pooping!  I need help wiping!"

So I wiped his bottom and he declared, "Asked and answered!" 


  1. Asked and answered, that's great!

  2. I started using that same line last week - where did I read about that??? Somewhere on FB?


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