Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What I Did On My Summer Vacation Part 6 :: That's Happy!

At the beginning of this year I started dreaming of a new etsy shop.   One that would have a collection of bright cheerful home decor.  Some handmade.  Some vintage.  Some repurposed or upcycled.  And I knew just what I wanted to call it, too.  See, my best friend has this phrase for whenever things are pleasing.  She says, "That's happy!"  It's not in a cheesy, overexcited tone.  It's more like she's settling back and deeply appreciating the goodness of how a situation has worked out, or how beautiful the silver lining of something really hard actually is.  It's a statement of truth.  She chooses to see the good.  The joy.  The happy.

Thankfully, she was more than willing to let me use her phrase for my new shop name.   But as I started to prepare That's Happy, I realized that I didn't want to start from scratch on a new etsy shop.  And I didn't want to run two different shops.  But I wasn't ready to let go of Ruby Willow either.  My thoughts went around and around and around on all this until finally, this summer, I just simply changed the name of my shop.  There is no going back now!

I don't even have new business cards!  Or a real finished logo.  This is what I'm working with now.

I like it.  It's happy.  But it's subject to change.  Actually, everything in my shop is subject to change.  And that's one of the things I'm really excited about.   I suddenly feel this new freedom to simply try new things!  I want to keep changing it up.  Keep trying out new projects and keep my inventory fresh and new.  

So I'm pleased to announce that I have some new products.  Like these happy birdhouses!

Geary and I made them together.  They were frustrating and time consuming and costly but we worked through the obstacles together.  We figured them out.  We strengthened our marriage in the process.  And now we have a finished product that we love.  That's happy!

And these clutches!  I really enjoy sewing.  I've been saying forever that I wanted to add zippered pouches to my shop.  Now, I feel like I finally can.  That's happy!

Of course, I'll still make jewelry.  I think I was feeling a little stuck and uninspired before.  But the creative juices are flowing again and I have new, simple, fresh, fun jewelry.  Like these blue feather earrings.

Or these Happy Day earrings in lots of different colors!

They are so fun and cheerful.

These beads are amazing. They almost glow!

Oh, and simple wire wrapped rings!  They are just fun and oh so easy to wear.

This one was made with an earring that had lost its mate.

So many color options.

And shapes!  I love this emerald swarovski oval.   These rings aren't anything new, but they are simple, sweet, and I enjoy making them.  Doing what you love?  That's happy!

And you all know how much I like treasure hunting at thrift stores.  I am always finding vintage treasures that I love but then end up passing by because I know I won't use it in my house.  But...what if I could share what I find?  Like these 1978 Hallmark Pear Sun Catchers?

Or this adorable Houndstooth Chicken Tea Cozy?

Or these happy vintage sheets?

And this sweet little cross stitch owl?  Can't you see it on a rustic Christmas tree?

Now I can spread the Vintage Love around!  That's happy!

I know that all transitions come with obstacles.  Not everyone will love the changes I make.  It will be a lot of work to re-establish my brand.  But...I'm excited about it.  I needed this change.  I needed to take a risk.  I'm trying a new thing and...that's happy!

My new etsy shop address is:
My new business email is
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  1. I love the little jar logo - so cute!!!

  2. Hi! I have thoroughly LOVED reading all your summer posts! It sounds like you had a wonderful, blessed summer. I'm so glad. I am excited about your new shop and the new direction you are heading. I can't wait to get a bird house or two or three. ;o) I'll be saving up for those for sure!

    Love you!


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