Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Little Brother

The boys set up blanket forts in the living room today.  Excuse me, not blanket forts, water nests.  They were pretending to live deep in the sea inside a configuration of connected pods.  It's too bad they have such little imagination, right?

Anyway, Miles was getting bored of the game.

Miles:  Let's play super heroes!
Toby:  No, Miles, we're still playing water nests.
Miles:  But we could play super heroes.
Toby:  I like water nests.  It's like camping under water.  I'll get the marshmallows!
Miles:  Okay!  I'll bring the poop!
Toby:  Miles!  I don't want to play like that!
Miles:  You don't want to play water nests?  Great!  Let's play super heroes.


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