Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wonder Women Wednesday: First Crush

This week I asked Becky:  Where is your worst physical scar and how did you get it?  You can read her answer HERE.

Becky asked me:  Who was your first childhood crush and what did you like about him?

Paul Blue.  Isn't that a great name?  Paul Blue.  He had short brown hair that his mother slicked down with a deep side part.  He was the cutest boy in kindergarten with a sweet round face, gray eyes, and adorably large ears.  And while some boys in our class liked to tease and chase the girls, Paul was always nice and he played with us.  Jacks and jump-rope and dollhouse building, Paul liked it all.

Our class was learning about money and our teacher would reward us for answering questions correctly with large paper coins. At the end of each week she would open her "shop" filled with bouncy balls, stickers, and other little trinkets so we could spend our money.  One week, Paul Blue spent his money on an adjustable gold ring.   He marched over to me, dropped it in my hand and said, "We're married now."

We spent five blissful recesses playing in the playhouse in one corner of our classroom.  I would rock baby dolls and Paul would "come home from work" and ask what was for dinner.  It was a very happy marriage.  Until Mrs. Jones opened her shop again and Paul bought another gold ring.  I thought I was getting an anniversary band so you can imagine my surprise when Paul dropped that ring into Bridget's hand and declared them "married."

I got over it pretty quickly, though.  After all, Paul was no Ricky Schroeder and definitely didn't have these rad dance moves.

What about you?  Who was your first childhood crush?

Don't forget to head over to Becky's blog to read about her best/worst scar..  You can leave your best scar over there, too.  We love reading scar stories.


  1. Those are super rad dance moves. I love that Paul wanted to marry the girls in his class and that you were his first wife. Hilarious!

    My first crush was actually Jeff. I was five and he was six. He was cool and he could do random cool things like shoot arrows and win King of the Mountain and handle dogs and play by the dangerous river and touch electric fences. He also had a super amazing smirky grin, especially while he was pulling stunts like tying me to a tree with orange baling twine or warning me that if I ate apple seeds a tree would grow in my stomach. I've always liked that boy.

  2. Aw, how sweet those stories are! I don't have such detailed memories of my childhood - what can I say...I'm just not a details person. But my first crush was Brett Dodson. We were in pre-school together when we were four. I remember he broke his leg skiing, and I just would look at him and feel so sorry for him. But that's it. End of story. :)


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