Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wonder Women Wednesday: Dream Ministry

So Becky and I wanted to blog more, but we needed ideas. I suggested we ask each other questions every Wednesday and then blog the answers. Becky was worried she wouldn't be able to come up with any good questions, but we both agreed that all we had to do was be curious.  You know... like... things  we WONDER. Thusly, Wonder Women Wednesday was born.

This week I asked Becky: Why were you given your name(s)? 

Read her answer HERE

Becky asked me:  What is your dream ministry? 

I have been pondering this question, chasing hard after the answer for two days.  And here is what I've come up with:  I don't know.

I have a bachelor's degree in Bible & Theology and Women's Ministries.  I was part of a music ministry team in college called Witness and I currently sing with my church's worship team once a month.  I have been on several short term missions trips.  I have helped lead children's musicals.  I have taught Sunday School.  I have held babies in the nursery.  I have greeted and ushered and planned women's retreats and baby showers.  I have led small group bible studies for college aged women.  I have folded bulletins and designed posters and flyers and decorated churches for Christmas and coordinated weddings.  I have worked in youth ministry, served in soup kitchens, and hosted weekly play dates for young moms.  I have cleaned and cooked meals and babysat and driven church vans and painted walls and assembled bulletin boards and broken communion crackers.  You could say I have a little bit of ministry experience.

I'm not listing out all the ways I've served in order to brag or to prove anything to anyone.  Some of those things on that list, I've been really good at.  Some, really bad.  Some of those things I have loved and others I have endured.  Some of the things I love have been things I am not so good at.  But maybe that's why I love them.  They stretch me. They demand sacrifice and humility and that I search my heart and motivations.  They propel me toward Jesus.  

Becky suggested that I could already be doing my dream ministry.  Making things beautiful, she said.  It's true, making things beautiful does make my heart sing.  But in every single one of those ministry experiences I listed, I had the opportunity to make something beautiful.   Okay, I'm not sure exactly how driving a church van makes anything beautiful, but in all the rest, yes.

I asked Jesus, "What is your dream ministry for me?  Do you have one or two things in mind that I am uniquely created for to bring you glory?"  

I didn't get a clear answer.  But a thought flashed in my mind.  "Do the thing that's right in front of you."   I think God puts some people on path where the ministry he has in mind for them is clear and focused.  To preach, or to write, or to love little children or the homeless or to translate the Bible in a completely different language.  And for other people, like me,  God says, "Simply serve me.  Do the thing that's right in front of you."  

I hope that makes sense.  I don't know.  And I'm okay with that.  

Do you have a dream ministry?  Leave a comment, We'd love to read about it.  And don't forget to check out Becky's answer to my question.  I'd love to know why you were given your names, too!  


  1. Well, I'm one of those people who has a clear idea of my dream ministry, so I definitely assumed it would be an easy question to answer. I love that you gave me a new perspective on it.

    My dream ministry is to write books and speak at women's retreats.

  2. Wow, this one took some thought. I have done most of the same things Jeana has, and some different ones too. (I find it interesting that this was one of our topics of discussion this week, Miss Jeana. :))Some I've enjoyed, some not so much. And I had to pray about it, too, cuz I'm not real clear on what my dream ministry is. But as I prayed, I remembered what my dream ministry used to be when I was a younger mom. (I'm a mom of teens and tweens now, so I can say that - when I was a young mom.)I used to say that I wanted to be a role model for other moms and families. And I think that's still true. Only now I would define it more as 'mentor'. I hope that doesn't sound all pious or anything, because I know I have issues, am totally human, make mistakes, don't have all the answers, don't know my Bible like I should, and am not the most godly person in the world. But I do love to be mentored, and I do love to build into other people's lives, and I do hope that some tiny portion of how I live can encourage other moms, other women.

  3. lol :) "I can say that. When I was a young mom." lol :)

    Man, Carrie, if I hadn't just moved an annoyingly inconvenient distance away, I would have made our unofficial mentoring relationship official in a heartbeat. You rock as a mentor, my friend.

  4. Aw, thanks, BeckyFrame. :) I miss you!


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