Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ask Your Child

Tobin's kindergarten teacher sends home a newsletter every Friday with classroom info, highlights from the week, upcoming lessons and field trips, and my favorite, a list of questions to ask my kindergartener about what he learned that week.  Toby's answers routinely crack us up so we've decided to share them here.

What is a plague?

Something that is really, really, really bad.  Like if all the water turns into blood.  Or if was night forever.  Or a whole bunch of frogs.  Like 100 frogs coming out of your ears, coming out of your bed, coming out the shower, coming out of the bathroom, coming out of living room, coming out of the couches, coming out of the refrigerator.  Ew! Coming out of your cereal box.  That's a plague.

Can you name the 10 plagues God sent to the Egyptians?


Can you sing the jellyfish song? 

(London Bridge tune)

A jellyfish is not a fish, it has no brain, it has no bones.
A jellyfish is not a fish but It. Can. sting you!

What cool things do you remember about jellyfish?

They move by pushing water out of their bodies like an umbrella.  Their tentacles sting.  When they go on land they will die.  They can't swim fast.  And they're not a fish.  And why are they called jellyfish when they're not fish?  It's because they don't have brains so they don't even know that they aren't fish.


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