Friday, January 18, 2013

Ask Your Child

Well, somebody was paying better attention this week!  Toby's answers aren't as funny this time but I'm pretty impressed with what he remembered from the story of Moses.  And he taught me something  I didn't know about fish!

How did God speak to Moses?

There was bush that was on fire and Moses saw it and the bush was talking.  And the bush said, "Take off your shoes."  The bush was God.

What did God tell Moses to do?

Throw his staff on the ground and it turned into a snake.  God said, "Pick it up on the back of the tail" and Moses picked it up on the back of the tail and it turned back into a staff.  And God told him to look at his hand.  There was owies all over him and they were red and God said to look at it again and he looked again and his hand was back to normal.

How were the Israelites different from the Egyptians?

The Israelites were slaves.  The Egyptians throwed every baby boy in the ocean because the king wanted to be his own king and not let God be his king.

What cool things did we learn about fish?

Fish don't have eyelids.  How they breathe, they open their mouth and waters comes out of their gills.  They only rest, they don't sleep.  Because they don't have eyelids.


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