Wednesday, January 09, 2013

2012 London Olympics

Last summer we were extra excited about the Olympics because two Olympians were from our little town of Newberg, Oregon!  
Rachel Yurkovich and Cyrus Hostetler are both javelin throwers.

Rachel Yurkovich


Cyrus Hostetler 



When Geary learned that Rachel and Cyrus considered Newberg to be their hometown 
he went out and bought two Newberg postcards, one for each of our Olympians. 

Noah and Toby wrote to Rachel and Cyrus to let them know that we were cheering them on from Newberg 
and were looking forward to watching them compete on TV.  
We were all a little excited about our humble postcards traveling all the way to London 
and hopefully bringing some encouragement to the athletes.

And then, several weeks after the Olympics were over, Noah and Toby received these 
Official London Olympics pins from Rachel as a thank you for their support!

How fun is that?!  The boys now have them on their back packs.  Pretty cool!


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