Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Fellowship of the Ring

This year our boys joined forces with the Frames to re-create an epic cast of characters.

The Fellowship of the Ring

Cutest Hobbit EVER!
Toby as Frodo

Noah said, "I want to be Legolas.  I have the ears for it."
Noah as Legolas

You shall not pass!
Miles as Gandalf

The brooding hero.
James as Strider/Aragorn

The most easily recognized character in our group that night.
 Jonathan as Gimli

The costumes were a joint effort by Becky and me.  
I made: the cloaks, Gandalf's tunic and hat, the Evenstar, the Ring, and Frodo's satchel.
Becky made: all the weapons, Gimli's helmet, Gandalf's staff, Gandalf and Gimli's beards (seriously, aren't those amazing??  They totally made the costumes!), and Aragorn and Gimli's shirts.

We got a ton of thumbs up and big grins from LOTR fans throughout the night.  
One guy even requested a group photo!

Thanks for the fun night, Frames!  


  1. What an impressive group!!! And you are a marvel with the costumes. I bet everyone had a great time.

  2. SOOOOOOOO AWESOME! I love it. You two are amazingly gifted women! What fun and great memories for those boys!!!

  3. Amazing. I'll have to show Greg!


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