Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Prepositions are Hard

We rearranged the car seats a bit and now Miles (2) and Toby (5) are both sitting in the middle row of our van.

Miles:  Toby is sitting on me!
Jeana:  You mean "Toby is sitting BY me."
Miles:  No!  Toby is sitting on ME!
Jeana (chuckling):  Okay, Toby is sitting BY you.
Miles:  Yes.  Toby is sitting on me.
Jeana:  Hmm, let's try this.  Toby is sitting BESIDE you.
Miles:  Okay.  Toby is sitting INSIDE me.
Jeana (laughing):  Um..I know!  Toby is sitting NEXT TO me.
Miles (getting annoyed):  Toby is RIGHT THERE!


  1. Your boys are hilarious! I love it! Miss you! Hope we can connect again soon!

  2. CUTE! I love when Eden says things like this... it makes me chuckle... your boys are hilarious!


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