Monday, October 15, 2012

Male/Female Miscommunication--it starts at an early age

Jeana:  Toby, please bring me the broom.
Toby (age 5):  Okay!

Toby:  I can't find the broom.
Jeana:  It's in the little closet.  By the vacuum cleaner.
Toby:  No it's not.
Jeana:  Please look again.  It should be hanging on the wall.

Toby:  Nope, no broom in the little closet.
Jeana:  Toby, I know it's in there because I just put it away a few minutes ago.  Please look in the little closet on the side where the vacuum cleaner is.  It is hanging on a hook.

Toby:  Mom, the only thing hanging there is the sweeper!


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