Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Geary wanted to take the boys to get lunch at a nearby elementary school today.  What can I say?  They love cafeteria food.

I was getting Miles (age 2) ready for the outing and I asked him, "Do you walk to school or do you ride in your stroller?"

"I ride my stroller.  You want pish me."

Of course he was stating that I would push him in the stroller but his toddler language was so adorable that I couldn't help repeating his phrase.

"You want pish me?" I asked with a giggle.

Miles sized me up and then said, "No.  I can't pish you.  You want pish me."


  1. Love this! When I was in high school I babysat for a little girl who would phrase questions in a similar manner. (You can cut my toast? You can read me a book?) It was very cute, but after a few weeks it started sounding less like a question and more like a decree. Thank you for sharing the sweet things your boys say! Uriah just started walking. No words yet, but your stories make me smile with anticipation. - Christina (from SCCS)


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