Thursday, May 10, 2012

They make me smile

Miles calls the penguin character from The Backyardigans a chicken-duck.  

We also had way too much fun making "ice-cream" with stacking cups and bubbles in the bathtub today. 
 He loved squishing his "ice-cream" on my nose.  And I loved hearing his delighted squeals.

And he finally decided that it would be okay to pee on the potty again.  
He went twice today and also told me every time he needed a diaper change.  We're on our way!


Today, Toby came inside from the backyard and said, "Mom, me and Noah and Miles are dancing outside in the sun
with no shirts on and no shoes on and no socks on and, you wanna come watch us?"

Toby is learning to read and write!  We've been working on phonics and today he wrote TIN and TEN all by himself.
He also figured out how to write POTTY because of all the Miles excitement today.

Noah has been passing his timed math drills (called Calculadders) like crazy!  In the past four weeks he's passed eight levels.  Geary and I have decided to reward him with one dollar for whichever level he ends the school year on.  As of today he's on level 27.  I sense a big Lego purchase coming up.
We are extremely proud of him, especially because he started the school year out struggling in math.

Noah has been major blessing to me.  Did you know that whenever I ask him for help he responds by saying, "Gladly!"
He inspires me to be cheerful worker.


  1. what wonderful boys you've been graced with. they reflect the joy you invest in them.

  2. Love, love, love it! And a happy Mother's Day to you, my favorite other daughter!


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