Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Love Song

When I was in college I had the distinct privilege of serving as a Resident Assistant and a Head Resident Assistant.  Many of my longstanding friendships are with my fellow R.A.s.  We prayed together, worshiped together, planned and played together.  We were mentored and invested in and pointed toward Jesus.  I am so grateful for those years and how God used them to shape me.

One of the R.A.s, Carmen, took the J.B. Phillips translation of 1 Corinthians 13:4-8a and gave it a melody and it became the R.A. theme song for several years.   It is ingrained in my brain.  And I'm so glad for that because sometimes when I'm feeling frustrated, or impatient, or like I've been overlooked, that quirky little melody comes rushing to the forefront of my mind.  It becomes a chance to reset my priorities, sort truth from lies, squash ill feelings and choose LOVE.  

I'm sorry you won't get to hear the tune and have it become ingrained in your brain, but you can print out the image I made this morning and have your own little reset button.

Do you have a "reset verse" ingrained in your brain?  What is it and how did you ingrain it in your brain?

And I'm curious to know if any former Multnomah R.A.s were singing along to this post :)


  1. I was! I love that translation of those verses and the tune too! I wish I had sheet music for it, maybe I'll have to ask Carmen for it.

  2. I love this version and can't wait to gift a friend with it. ;o)

  3. I just sang along too. Amazing how powerful music is.


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