Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Return of the Mojo

I haven't been feeling very inspired to blog lately.  I even posted this on facebook:

So here we go.


Some people love cooking. They find it relaxing.  They just can't wait to mix up the perfect blend of textures and flavors.  It makes them happy and they feel accomplished and they want to feed everyone they meet with this amazing new recipe they just invented.

 I am not one of  those people.  This e-card perfectly sums up how I feel about cooking:


Basically, I go about my day doing chores and finishing projects and being amused by my hilarious children and wondering what a baby platypus is called* and every single day dinner time sneaks up on me.  I know this is because of my own lack of planning and time management.  But even when I plan menus and write post-it note reminders to myself about when it's time to cook dinner I don't love doing it.  For awhile, it was even on my "To Don't List."  Unfortunately, it's back on my "To Do" list now so I really need to get a system in place.  Bleh.  But I still don't like it.  Anyone who wants to come and be my chef for free is hired! 


Weigh in Wednesday is still alive an active.  We're just alive and active on our own WIW blog now!  So you don't have to miss those posts.  You just have to click over to the new WIW site every Wednesday to see what we're talking about and to check in about your weight loss journey, too, if you want to.  There is also a link to the WIW blog at the top of this blog. 

What Miles is Doing Right Now

Right now, at 3:07pm on Tuesday, March 6, 2012, Miles is...taking a nap. 

As for what he's doing at this general time in history well, he's still very into clothes.  He can usually be found wearing gloves (a.k.a. hands), a hat, and his rain boots.  He also loves costumes and whenever he wears a jedi cloak or a clone trooper mask he says, "I'm a Lego!"  This is because his brothers are very into Lego Star Wars.  Despite his love of wearing accessories, Miles is not a big fan of wearing his diaper lately.  Fun times.  He also loves puzzles, play food, coloring, and play dough.  His current favorite movies are The Cwebbles (Incredibles) and Pickly Me (Despicable Me).  He plays a mean air guitar and his current favorite snack is raisins which he calls "some o'doze yittle sings."  

Thank you, Tara, Kelsey, and Garyanna for helping me find my blog mojo!  Come back tomorrow because I'll have an exciting post to share!
*A baby platypus doesn't have an official name but is commonly called a Puggle or a Platypup.  The more you know! (ding)


  1. I soooo agree with the cooking thought! And thanks for the Miles update!

  2. oh, we so should get Miles and Nora together for a playdate...they would have some fun!
    Amy Steele

  3. Sometimes I find browsing other blogs helps inspire me to find something interesting to blog about! Other times I pretend I'm a visitor in my own life and write about it like I'm describing some aspect of my life to someone who isn't there.


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