Friday, January 06, 2012

Hungry Frog

A couple days ago I went to my favorite fabric store, Boersma's, with my friend Becky.  We only stayed for a few minutes and I only bought some thread but while we were in there I got bit by the sewing bug.  It has been so fun to dig through my fabric and just play with my sewing machine again.  Today I made this little frog for Miles.

I was inspired by some little monster coin purses that Toby found in a basket by the register at Boersma's.

The best part is that when you open his mouth there is a little bug inside!

Miles has been "feeding" his frog all day.  It's so gratifying to make something your children love.  
(Hmm, there is probably some deep theological truth to unpack in that statement.)  

Guess he was hungry enough to eat a cow!


  1. Oh my gosh, this is adorable. I especially like how the zipper makes jaggedy little teeth!

  2. Okay, that comment was from Dawna Yarnold, NOT Anonymous, but I don't get the part about selecting a profile. This one is also from Dawna

  3. Yes, I see the theological thoughts too! Love this so much... what a fun gift to your little guy!

  4. So amazing! I'm super impressed that you came up with that and made it all in one day. (It would have taken me probably around a year to move from idea all the way through execution.) And the bug in the mouth is such a fun idea.

  5. He's gonna have to swallow a horse next, to catch that cow...! haha! And, I LOVE this frog!!!! So cute!

  6. You never cease to amaze me my friend.

  7. Thanks, everyone!

    @Carolyn, thanks! The frog is easier than he looks. And the bug in the mouth idea was from the inspiration monsters in the store. They each had a little creature that they had "swallowed" too.

    @Dawna, it is confusing--sorry about that. Next time choose the Name/URL option and it will let you type your name in. You can leave the URL space blank.

  8. How adorable!! I bet these would sell well on Etsy.


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