Friday, January 20, 2012

Handy Miles

Miles (age 2)  is a little obsessed with gloves right now.  He calls them "hands" and we get to have little chuckles throughout the day when he says things like:

Oh! I found my hands!
Where my hands?
I go get my hands.
Help! Put my hands on, please.
My hand fell off!
Need a new hand.  Need more hands.

Or when he wants to be generous and share his gloves:

Need a hand?
Want my hands?
I go get your hands.

He notices everyone else's gloves, too.  At the grocery store he saw a man stocking the shelves who was wearing work gloves.  "Nice hands," Miles said approvingly.  The stocker cracked up laughing and offered to high five Miles with his gloved hand.  Instead, Miles pulled the man's hand toward him and examined the rubber grippy stuff on the palm and fingertips. "Bumpy," he said as he pushed the hand away.

Last Sunday he watched an older woman remove her stretchy gloves at church.  "She has hands!  She has hands!" he exclaimed, giddily.  And then as she pulled on the glove fingers to take them off Miles whispered, "Ow, ow, ow!" as if she were pulling her real fingers off.

Miles wears gloves all the time.  There are at least four pairs of gloves in his crib because he considers "hands" a necessary part of pajamas.  One day I unzipped his footie pajamas in the morning to change his diaper and he had a bright blue glove resting on his belly.

When Miles can't find gloves, socks will serve as "hands."  We went to the library and Miles insisted on wearing "sock hands" inside.  I rolled my eyes and let him.  One of librarians noticed right away and asked Miles, "What happened to your hands?" and then to me, "Did he get burned?"  Miles shouted, "My hands!" as I laughingly said, "No, he just likes wearing socks on his hands.  It's all the rage with two year olds."  The librarian laughed and said, "Oh yes, I thought I saw that same look on the cover of Toddler Vogue."


  1. love!
    and so glad to have some linhart live love today...was missin' it!

  2. Lol. This reminds me so much of my nephew when he was two. He went through a faze where he'd wear his blue gloves EVERYWHERE!!! Here's my sister's blog post about it (with pictures!) -- totally cracks me up. ;)

  3. I love this! I hope you make a book out of this blog for your boys someday. Such fun and wonderful memories are recorded here! Rosalie went through the toddler vogue stage. She had green frog boots that she wore everywhere with any outfit. And if she couldn't find one of them, she wore one frog boot and one other shoe. :)

  4. Yay. I love Miles's hands. And his seriousness about them. Very. serious.


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