Sunday, December 04, 2011

Jesus, the Potato of Life

Every year, when we decorate for Christmas, we also set out a basket full of Christmas books.  One of the books we have is called Adorenaments and inside it holds twelve smaller books that tell about who Jesus is to us: Good Shepherd, King of Kings, Living Water, etc.  Each small book is attached to a golden string so we can hang them as ornaments if we choose.  It's a really great Advent tool, but unfortunately out of print. (You might find a used copy here.)

Toby was playing with this book a few days ago and we were talking about what each symbol meant.

Toby:  Jesus is a candle?
Jeana:  It's a picture of a candle because Jesus is the light of the world.
Toby:  Oh.  But why is Jesus a potato?
Jeana:  A potato?  Oh...that's actually a loaf of bread.  Jesus is called the Bread of Life.  He is the most basic thing we need to keep us alive.
Toby:  Okay...but, Mom?  That's a potato.


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