Saturday, November 05, 2011

Toby: Mom, remember when you called me Toby Jo-Jo.

Jeana: Yes. You're my favorite Tobin Joseph.

Toby: But Jo-jos are potatoes. I'm not a potato head!

Jeana: You're not???

Toby: No. Because my nose can't come off and I can't put it away in my bottom!


  1. Classic Toby-ism! LOL!! I sure hope you are writing all these funny things down somewhere. I used to write funny things the kids said on little pieces of paper, and they are all collected in one place. The kids get the biggest kick out of some of the funny things they said when they were little! A spiral notebook would have been much better than scraps of paper, though. :)

  2. TOTALLY worth a facebook AND blog post. love love love this!!

  3. Pure and simple logic if you ask me!


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