Friday, September 02, 2011

The Nose Knows

We're pretty sure Miles has something lodged in his left nostril.  I tried looking but it's pretty swollen.  The right side is clear and I'm pretty sure I saw his brain.  Also, he's had a strange bloody-ish runny nose, just from the left side.  And the smell...I mean odor?  The odor is too disgusting to even try to describe.  So I called his doctor and she's trying to find space in her schedule so we can come it and get whatever is in there out of there.  We'll keep you updated.

Boys are gross.

UPDATED AT 12:45pm:

The doctor called and told us to come in right away.  But we never made it there because on the way I was in a very minor car accident.  Everyone is fine but we missed the appointment and are now waiting to hear back from the doctor.  What a day!

In the meantime I've picked up some nasal drops to help reduce the swelling in Miles' nose.  I took another peek up there and I'm wondering if the object is my missing pearl earring!

UPDATED AT 1:32pm:

Going back to the doctor at 3:50 pm today.  The more I look up Miles' nose the more I'm convinced that it's my earring.  That boy is so busted!

UPDATED AT 7:59pm:

We just got back from the ER.  The first doctor we saw couldn't reach the object so she sent us to the ER to meet an ENT.  The ENT was super nice and was able to get the mass of whatever it was out really quickly.  It was not my earring (oh well!) but some soft, squishy thing.  We're guessing tissue, toilet paper, or maybe one of those craft pompom puff ball things.  It smelled SO BAD when he pulled it out.

We're glad this day is over and I know we'll be able to laugh about it soon.   We always knew Miles would be our first ER kid.


  1. Wow. Today is a day that you will remember for years to come, and at some point the tears it brings will turn into uncontrollable laughter. So, look at the bright side, you are making it possible to have more laughs than you can count for years to come, all because of a day that you hope to never repeat. Oh, and FYI it isn't just a boy thing. We too have had the up the nose "experience". May it all work out in the end. And may your little guy AND your earring be separate and in tact at the end of the day.

  2. What an outrageous day! My cousin had a similar stinky nose experience and the doctor found a foam ball stuffed up there! It is amazing the things they can do! Keep us posted!!!


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