Friday, July 15, 2011

Life Paths

Nila gave Noah a job at the farm.  He could gather all the cans and bottles and take them to recycling center and then keep the money for payment.  He's done it twice so far and Geary says he's doing a good job.  Apparently there are teams of people who do this for a living.  We've been calling them The Pros and we're trying figure out the times of day when The Pros won't be there hogging all the machines.

Jeana:  So, do you think you'll want to be a Pro when you grow up, Noah?

Noah:  I want to go to college.


  1. Good answer, Noah!

    I'm visiting from Glenda's place where I entered her giveaway. You should come see me sometime at Outnumbered Mom. I have four sons!


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