Saturday, June 04, 2011

A Tale of Two Breakfasts

Wednesday morning, Toby woke up and stomped into the kitchen.  I could tell he was very grumpy.

Jeana:  Good morning!  Do you need to go potty?

Toby: Nooo! (You must read this with a whiny/growly voice like Iago the bird from Aladdin)

Jeana:  Are you hungry?  Do you want some cereal?

Toby (remember, Iago voice):  Noooo!

Jeana:  Pancakes?

Toby:  Nooo!

Jeana:  Okay, well, why don't you go somewhere else with your attitude and come find me when you have an idea of what you'd like to eat.

A few minutes later...

Toby (still with Iago voice):  I want muffin toes!

Jeana:  Muffin...toes?

Toby:  I want to eat muffin toes.

Jeana:  Uh...what??

Toby starts crying.

Jeana:  What's wrong?  Are you hurt?

Toby:  Noooo!

Jeana:  Are you sure you don't need to go potty? Go potty!

Toby:  Muffin toes!

I was done.  Toby got a time out and I wrote on Facebook, "Toby wants 'muffin toes' for breakfast.  Huh???"

But it wasn't very long before I realized he was saying TOAST not toes.  And muffin toes could only be one thing: English muffins!
Saturday morning, Toby woke up and bounced into the kitchen.

Toby:  Good morning, Mom!

Jeana:  Good morning!  You're happy today.

Toby:  Yeah.  It's the weekend!

Jeana:  It's the weekend?  You like the weekends?

Toby:  Yeah!  We get doughnut and we get to play Wii!

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  1. I absolutely love the stories of your boys; especially when told by the culprits. We enjoyed seeing all of you! :o)


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