Thursday, June 16, 2011



Yesterday I decided to go grocery shopping with only Miles.  He decided to be cranky.  He then decided to lunge for a bag of grapes.  I decided to let him hold the bag of grapes.  He decided to eat the grapes while we were shopping.  I decided to let him.  We both decided that eating a lot of grapes was better than being/having a screaming child in a cart.  Don't worry we paid for the eaten grapes.  And even though Miles' diaper this morning was decidedly a thing of epic disgustingness (existing words could not describe so I made up my own), I decided we would probably make the same decisions again.



"Ew!  Don't eat things off of your feet!"

"Stop licking your brother's hair."

"Uh...potholders are not towels."

and finally, this whole conversation:

"Why are you wearing two pairs of underwear?"

"You told me to put clean underwear on!"

"Yeah, I kind of hoped you would take the dirty underwear off first."



Noah was refusing to smile while Auntie Em was trying to take pictures of him.  His reason?  "Presidents always look great in pictures and they never smiled."


  1. Somehow your posts always CRACK me up... I love it... sooo funny, so true!

  2. Hahahaha! So funny! I should write down the things I never thought I'd say. I say them almost daily.

  3. Ha! That underwear thing is hilarious. Kids are so literal at that age!


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