Saturday, July 02, 2011

Padawan Youngling

A few weeks ago Noah asked me to make him a Jedi tunic and cloak.  After many hours with my seam ripper, this is what we came up with for the tunic.

And then after that photo shoot, I looked at some pictures of Jedi costumes online and figured out a way to wrap the ties so that the tunic looked more authentic.

Much better.

I also figured out a way to make a padawan braid for him.

It's just three strands of ribbon looped over an 
elastic headband (his choices were white or pink) and braided.

Here you can see how it's attached to the headband.  

 Personally, I think it's a little too long but Noah likes it.

And then, just before we went to Black Butte I made a jedi robe, too.

  The back view.

 And the side view.  Love that drapey hood.

 I was going to made a cloak with sleeves but Noah 
wanted a Luke Skywalker type of cape.  
It was really easy to put together.

 And here's how it looks with the hood down.

Ready for hours of Jedi practice!


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