Thursday, June 30, 2011

In Progress

I have been talking about working on the women's restroom at church for months now!  And I've been promising pictures for months, too.  Well, today I'm finally delivering.  The restroom isn't quite finished but I thought I'd share some progress shots.  Especially, because I have a pretty cool Before and After to show you, too.   Ready?

 I bought this coffee table at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store for $20.

 It was dated and scratched up but it was sturdy and had a pleasing shape.
I knew I could turn it into an amazing bench.

So I did.  I painted the legs and then used a camping mattress (only $18 at Fred Meyer, versus the $69 for the same amount of foam at Joann Fabrics), some batting, and a textured curtain panel to make a cushion.  I covered my own buttons and tufted the seat cushion and now it makes a lovely perch for a bride and her wedding party.

While I was at the Re-Store I told the employees what I was planning to do with the bench.  They said, "Well, we also have this old piano bench.  Five bucks if you want it!"  I wanted it.

 Dingy old cushion.  It was actually crunchy when I removed it. 
Fabric should not be crunchy.

 I forgot to take a true before photo of the piano bench.  The above pictures already show the legs painted.  So this picture of the inside of the bench shows you what the wood looked like before painting.  

And here you can see the after on the right.  
I totally forgot to get a shot of just the piano bench.  Next time!

I'm still waiting for the baseboards to be installed.   
The gorgeous mirror is from Ikea.

Here's the sink in the stall area of the restroom.  
The mirror will be framed in dark wood, too.

A few sweet wall decals to add interest.

And the doorway to the hallway that leads down to the dressing room area.  The hallway wall is the same color blue as the walls in the stall area. Funny how the lighting/camera make it look pink.  Oh, well!

Hopefully soon I'll get to show you some before pictures of the whole bathroom and also the final after pictures. This has been such fun project for me!  And I've really enjoyed spending time with all the lovely women who have helped, too.  I hope they will feel beautiful in this space.


  1. It is truly beautiful! You have done an amazing job... I can see why it has been taking so much time! God has blessed you with this gift and it is a joy to see you use it!

  2. I do. Feel beautiful in there, I mean. :)

    My fav lines:

    "It was dated and scratched up but it was sturdy and had a pleasing shape." Sounds like the me that God is turning into something amazing. :)

    And "Fabric should not be crunchy." That made me giggle out loud.

  3. I LOVE it! It's absolutely beautiful!


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