Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lace Leaf Listings

They're up in my etsy shop!
And here's a photo of both sizes together. 

Large:  $10

Small: $8 
 (I completely sold of out of this size in one day!)

I also updated the listings for the Hydrangea Earrings

And the teal Ruffle Scarves.  There are only two of these left!

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  1. Just loving those scarfs... I follow another blog that has similar scarfs and thought - wow what a wonderful, fun idea! So fun knowing you are selling them... I will tuck that away in my gift idea file! You are so talented... also thanks for your comment on my blog. I have totally felt like a parenting wash-up failure lately... especially since that is why we are leaving where we are at... your words encouraged me!


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