Saturday, April 23, 2011


Noah had just walked out of the bathroom and was closing the door...

Toby:  Noah, you didn't close the light!

Noah:  I know but Dad is in the shower.

Toby:  Dad wants us to close the light.

Noah: Not when he's in the shower.

Toby:  Wait, who's in the shower?

Noah:  Dad!


I had asked Noah to make some toast for Miles.  It seemed to take a long time for the toast to pop up and when Noah finally handed a piece to Miles I could see that it was pretty charred.

Jeana:  You might want to turn the dial down--that toast looks pretty dark.

Noah:  I know. But's okay, I ate some of the black stuff off for Miles.


Noah and Toby were getting out some kid plates for breakfast.  Miles was ping-ponging himself between them speaking gibberish.

Noah:  I want the green plate!

Toby:  I want blue!

Miles: Shoe!

Noah: Hey, that rhymed!  Toby say "blue."

Toby:  Bluuuuuue.

Noah:  Shoooe.  See!  It rhymes!

Toby:  Bluuuuuuue.

Noah:  Shooooooe.

Toby:  Noah, now you say "green."

Noah:  Okay.  Greeeeeeen.

Toby:  Shoooooe.

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  1. Your boys bring smiles to my face... I love it! Love how there is so much laughter in your house!


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