Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Laundry Room...so far

In the ideal world I would show you my perfectly finished laundry room down to the details with artwork hung in place and perfectly staged containers of laundry soap.  But in reality, I am only part way through my project and I've run out of money so that means I have to wait until next month's installment of my home improvement budget.  Delayed gratification is a good thing, though.  It means that I have time to really think about what will work best and research for the best prices and quality. 

In this area of the house there is zero natural light, so it's really difficult to get good pictures.  But I tried my best.  Right now we'll just focus on this one wall. Here are the "befores."

Notice the two different colors of trim.  When we moved in all the trim was that tan color and all the walls were flat white.  Room by room I've been painting all the trim white.  I am nearly done.

 Oooh, sneak peak of that the little pocket bathroom.  Before and After pictures of that room will come soon.  We just have to hang a mirror and add some other little things.

 A close up of the strange orangy-tan color.  Yuck.  So glad it's gone!

And now....ta dah!  The "afters."

We really needed some place for the boys to hang their coats so we installed Board and Batten along this wall and added hooks.  It's a pretty narrow walkway so it was important that things didn't stick out too far.  Instead of traditional coat hooks I used window sash lifts.

 We have rounded corners on all the walls of our house so we ended the board and batten on the straight side of the wall and filled the seam with caulk.

We also added a little ledge for picture frames...and starfish.  I'm still searching for the perfect artwork to display above the board and batten.  Maybe that funky mirror I found treasure hunting awhile back?

This picture shows the truest representation of the wall color--at least on my monitor.  It's called Sea Anemone by Martha Stewart.  In most of the pictures it looks minty green but in person there is a slight blue-gray tint to it, too.  I love how fresh and clean it makes the space feel.  And so much brighter!

So that's what this space looks like today.  There is still more to be done but we like where this is going.  In fact, we love the board and batten so much that we're planning to do the same wall treatment (minus the hooks) on one of the walls in our kitchen, too!


  1. I LOVE it! What an amazing difference that made!!!

  2. This is gorgeous!! You are so gifted.

  3. Oh I love it so far!! I like that board stuff you put on - it really makes the room seem bigger and more regal somehow. Great job!

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