Friday, December 03, 2010

Reindeer Food

Last year I bought these cute little buckets from the Dollar Tree intending to fill them with cookies for our neighbors.  Well, I had this little newborn at the time and it never actually happened.  But I saved the buckets and tonight we're going to deliver them to our neighbors.

Instead of cookies we filled them up with "Reindeer Food" (aka "Reindeer Poop") using the "Muddy Buddies" recipe found on boxes of Chex cereal.

We slapped a cute printed label on each lid with the ingredients and simple holiday greeting from our family.

And now we have a super cute, homemade, easy gift to bless those who live around us!

I noticed that the Dollar Tree still has buckets available and if you'd like to use the label we created, feel free to copy and paste it from the image below.  You may have to play with resizing.  Or email me and I'll send you a pdf of the label.  One batch of "Muddy Buddies" fills four Dollar Tree Buckets.


  1. Adorable. Wish I had a thoughtful neighbor like you! (OOOO wouldn't it be so much fun to be neighbors!!!!????)

  2. What a wonderful idea, bless you!


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