Saturday, October 16, 2010

Purple Baby

I spent the wee hours of last night finishing up a baby gift for a shower I'm going to later today.  The mom loves purple so I decided to make a purple themed gift.

Target had these baby t-shirts in their Dollar Bins but they were Halloween themed and had an ugly skull on them.  No problem for me though.  I bought two of them and then cut one up for the flower and stitched it right over the black skull.  I love this one so much I'm tempted to make a similar one for myself!

Target also had this little sundress on clearance so I snatched it up and then hand stitched that beautiful butterfly embellishment onto it.  I found the butterfly at Joann and it just fits so perfectly.

Also at Target (can you tell that I love Target?)  I bought this purple onesie and then appliqued the baby's initial onto it with coordinating fabric.

And I used the same fabric to make a matching pacifier leash.

Don't worry, I cleaned it off after the photo shoot :)

All together, looking so purplicious!

Nestled sweetly into a gift box.  You can't see it but I also added one of my new "Family Leaf" necklaces for the mom with all the birthstones of her family members.  She's gonna love it!

I found this box/frame a while back and just held onto it not knowing what I would use it for.  Turns out it's the perfect gift box for this precious baby.  I designed a little card with the baby's name and birthdate and now mom (and later baby) can keep whatever treasures they like inside.

Thanks for looking at all my crafty work!  I hope you enjoyed it--I sure did!


  1. we ALWAYS enjoy pics of your crafty work! momma and baby are blessed to call you friend and benefit from God's creativity in you.

  2. I love your designs. Sometimes it brings tears to my eyes to know I have such a creative daughter. Love you

  3. Beautiful work Jeana. Sometimes it brings a tear to my eye to know I
    have such a creative daughter! Love you

  4. You are so talented and I love how you use your gifts to bless others! This truly is a beautiful, beautiful gift!

  5. Thanks, everyone! The mom loved the gift!


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