Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Growing Boys

This guy is crawling!  
And he thinks pureed food is so five minutes ago.  
He wants the stuff you have to bite
probably because he has two sharp teeth 
and it looks like two more are on their way.
He is so fun with all his bouncing and giggling
and raspberry blowing.  He also thinks he's pretty
hot stuff for being able to pull himself up and stand.

This guy is so close to being fully potty trained.
If everything clicks for him in time
 he'll start preschool in September.  
He's also dreaming of a big two wheeler bicycle
and a booster seat so he can sit in the way back with Noah.
His big chocolate drop eyes and insanely long eyelashes
still make us melt and sometimes it's nearly impossible not to
scoop him up and cover him kisses.

This guy is only a few weeks away from being a
big second grader!
We went school supply shopping and I asked him
to take all his new supplies out of the Target bag and 
put them in the paper grocery bag we've been using
to corral all his other school supplies.  So he did but he also
decided it would "save time" if he opened every single package up
and dumped loose pencils, crayons, markers,
 glue sticks, and eraser caps
into the bag like a big pot of Back to School stew.
Only one colored pencil lead broke. But we had a good laugh.
 And we bundled things back together with rubber bands and Ziploc baggies.

I sure do love these guys!

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  1. Love the pictures, the comments and the boys!!!


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