Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oregon Coast Aquarium

Sunday was supposed to be a super hot day.  We woke up already sweaty and just couldn't bear the thought of another day indoors avoiding the scorching sun.  We Oregonians are delicate flowers, you know.  But Geary had a great idea: we should visit the aquarium!  So we packed up some snacks, refilled the diaper bag, and grabbed our sweatshirts.  We blasted the air conditioning all the way to the coast.

Once we were there the camera pretty much stayed in its pouch because we were kind of busy directing our three excited boys.  Plus Geary and I were holding hands like lovesick high schoolers.  (Why are aquariums so romantic? I think it must be the lighting.) But I did get some cool shots of the sea nettles.  I am fascinated by any kind of jelly fish.  They are just so mysterious and peaceful and artsy to me.

(I will forever love the combo of orange and blue.)

We also had a great time in the shark tunnel.  Noah is fascinated by sharks and it was pretty exciting to see them swimming stealthily above, beside, and beneath us!  We bought a packet of shark teeth to use as party favors at Noah's next birthday party.

On the way out of the exhibits we noticed a sign for a children's play area.  It was the perfect spot to let the older boys play while I nursed Miles.  Geary entertained himself by taking pictures of the kids.  118, to be exact.  Don't worry, I'll only show you a few.

Toby was funny.  He tried to copy Noah's every move.
Gang signs, or something.

They even re-enacted the story of Jonah.
 I think Tobin was playing a helpful Ninevite.
And then they started swimming away from the whale.

Which led to a spontaneous moment of wrestling.
I especially love that Toby is wearing a bandage on his knee.

Surfing on the dolphins was also fun. 
 I wish you could have seen their hula dancing moves.

But this might be my favorite picture of all.

After the aquarium we drove into downtown Newport and ate dinner at Mo's.  They have the very best clam chowder.  And then, with full tummies and happy hearts, we headed back home where the temperature had dropped to the low 70s.  It was a lovely, fun, family day.


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