Saturday, July 31, 2010

Green Trees

Back in May our church had an art show with a Genesis theme.  I submitted two necklaces displayed in a shadow box.  One represented the Tree of life, with copper wire and green crystal leaves.  The other represented the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, with silver wire and black, white, and gray crystal leaves.  I would love to show you pictures but they are still on display at church.

Anyway, a bride from church saw my work and contacted me asking if I could make tree necklaces for her bridesmaids.  She also asked me to make matching earrings.  Of course, I was happy to take on this big job.  And now, after weeks of ordering supplies and wrapping wire for hours at a time, they are finished!

Each tree is slightly different (just like real trees):

And here they all are together:

I love how they look with the light shining through:

And here are some shots of the earrings:

It was a big project but I'm happy with how everything turned out. I hope the bride will share pictures with me! A tree themed wedding sounds heavenly!


  1. these are so pretty! thank you for blogging, it's great to see pictures and things!

  2. So beautiful... I LOVE TREES! They are my absolute favorite! You are one talented lady - what a blessing to be apart of the wedding like this!

  3. These are gorgeous Jeana. You are such a multi-talented person.

  4. Great work! That is going to be one gorgeous, well-accessorized wedding party!


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