Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Life at Full Speed

Jeana walks into a dusty corner of the internet, picking cobwebs out of her hair.

"Hello?"  Her voice echoes across the emptiness.

"Anyone still here?"

She dusts off her blog header and straightens out the tumbling sidebars.

"I know it's been quiet around here but in the real world I've been running at full speed.  There has simply been no time to blog.  But I have some cute pictures from Black Butte and a few from a baby shower I just hosted.  So...I hope you'll come back and read again."

Jeana hears crickets but leaves the lights on.  She will be back soon.


  1. heck yes! still here :)

    i asked you into my google reader and you're there to stay :)

  2. You better believe I am still WAITING... checking and missing you.... look forward to hearing updates! Been lonely without you!


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