Thursday, May 27, 2010

Toby's Lunchbox

This morning while Noah was packing his lunch Toby was pulling on my pant leg saying, "Mom! I need a luuuunch box!" I didn't have an extra lunch box but I did have an unused make-up bag. I offered it Toby and he deemed it acceptable by promptly filling it with an apple and a stick of string cheese.
When we took Noah to school Toby took his lunch box. When we got back home, Toby carried his lunch box all over the house chattering about going to school. Around 11am he ate his cheese stick. A little while later I saw him chomping on the apple. He played with his lunchbox most of the day. When Geary got home I picked up the make-up bag to show him how it had been transformed into a lunch box and I noticed that it was pretty heavy.

A peek inside revealed not one but three apple each with at least one bite taken out each.  It reminded me of Beverly Cleary's Ramona, who said the first bite always tastes the best!

Oh, Toby! What am I going to do with you?

Good thing you are cute, you little pipsqueak!


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