Monday, March 29, 2010

Three Years Old

Happy Birthday, Tobin! You are such an incredible joy and light to our family. We love every quirky thing you do and say.  When we ask you your name you say, "I'm Toby Joe-Fish LINHART!"  You are so proud to be a Linhart that you make us proud to be Linharts, too.  When we ask you how old you are you say, "I'm FREE!"  And  most of the time this is followed by a silly, wiggly dance that ends with you falling in a giggly heap on the floor.  You make us laugh till our bellies ache every day.  We are completely in love with you, our beautiful Toby Joe-Fish.

 Love, love, love,

Daddy, Mama, Noah, and Miles

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my favorite Toby!!! We love, love you! See you soon for your birthday party.

    Grandma and Grandpa Bob


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