Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And we're back!

Sorry about the blogging break.  We've been busy with a few projects and helping friends and playing outside in this GORGEOUS spring weather.  We were also out of town for a Spring Break--which will get it's own post.  For now I just wanted to let you know to expect some new posts on Linhart Live and leave you with this funny Toby story:

My cousin, Amie, is getting married (congratulations Amie and Ryan!) and she'd like Noah to be the ring bearer.  Noah made a face at the idea of having to go to a wedding (weddings have cooties) so I stuck my tongue at him and said, "Toby, would you like to be the ring bearer?"  He raised his arms above his head and said, "No!  I like to be the black bear!"

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  1. Hi Jeana,
    My name is Christina, formerly Hood. I went to SCCS. I stumbled upon your blog through my sister, Amy. You are so creative! I love to do projects and get ideas, but I felt a bit like a voyeur reading your blog without introducing myself first. I hope you are all doing well!
    Christina Hyde


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