Monday, February 15, 2010

How to Have a Perfect Valentine's Day

1. Cuddle in bed with your whole family.
2. When the older ones get bored have them go watch a movie while Dad goes out for coffee and the Sunday paper.
3. Read some fluffy chick lit in bed.
4. Get up and have breakfast while gazing at the beautiful bunch of daffodils your husband brought home for you.
5. Go to church and connect with lots of different people.
6. Have a fun family date at Red Robin. Splurge on a chocolate milkshake and onion ring tower.
7. Go back home and send the big boys to play outside in the glorious sunshine.
8. Bring them back in and settle them down for naps. Smile as it starts raining just as everyone falls asleep.
9. Spend quality time with your husband.
10. Take a long luxurious nap.
11. Wake up and make a simple dinner.
12. Have a Tetris marathon with the family.
13. Get everyone into pajamas and then gather in the living room.
14. Have a hymn sing-a-long and listen to your oldest son read a chapter from Exodus.
15. Say bedtime prayers and kiss your children goodnight.
16. Stay up late into the night talking to your husband about tetherball and gardens and how much you love your life.
17. Fall asleep with a huge smile on your face.

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  1. That truly does sound like a lovely day.... can I have your life??? Just kidding... there truly is so much to be thankful for... everyday... you can truly see this when you take the time to write down all your blessing! So thrilled that you had a WONDERFUL day with your family... you are blessed by ALL your boys!


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