Monday, February 01, 2010

Girl With the Pearl Earrings

I'd always wanted pearl earrings. They just seemed so classic and understated. Pretty without being showy. I don't think I'd ever expressed my admiration for pearls to anyone before. So imagine my surprise when my in-laws gave me a perfect pair when Miles was born. I've worn them nearly every day since then.

On those days when I feel like a hot-mess-mommy (frizzy haired, wearing sweat pants, milk stains on my shirt) I put my pearl earrings in and I feel like I can brave the outside world. I may look a little frumpy in my post-pregnancy wardrobe, but I have something valuable on my earlobes. Classic. Understated. Pretty without being showy.

I know it's not really the earrings that make me feel this way. It's the love that came with the giving of them. It's the message from the givers that I am worthy of being adorned with something precious. Thank you, Garyanna and Bob. Thank you for making me feel like a treasure!


  1. I have pearls in my ears too... and I have always been drawn to them... I know without doubt you are beautiful.... with or with out the pearls!

  2. I can't believe I missed this when it was first posted!!! But I loved reading it now, it is you who are the blessing to us. You are our treasure, our "pearl of great price"!
    Love you, Mom


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