Sunday, February 07, 2010

Bedtime Stalling Tactics

Toby: I need water!
Jeana: Okay, here you go.
Toby: I need gloves on.
Jeana (sighing): Okay, I have gloves for you.
Toby: I need two gloves.
Jeana: I have two gloves for you.
Toby. Oh. Well I need three gloves.
Jeana: You only get two gloves because you only have two hands.
Toby: You win.


  1. Comforting to hear that our household is not the only one with an elaborate bedtime routine. Just last night an additional step was added by the kids (it's one last kiss on their foreheads, so who am I to refuse? :-) ). I told Steph that soon I'm gonna need a program. Any future babysitter will need it in writing.

  2. Have you read the book Don't Let the Pigeon Stay up Late? It's perfect! Ha! Sounds like Toby could give the pigeon some pointers too! =)


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