Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Or. Gan. Ize. Ing.

Is there such a thing as postpartum nesting? If so, I'm doing it. Or maybe it's just my regular "start-of-the-new-year-must-purge-old-stuff-to-make-room-for-new-stuff-and-while-I'm-at-it-why-don't-I-organize-this-closet-oh-and-all-the-bathroom-cabinets-too" thing. But on hyper-speed because I'm working in two hour increments in between feedings. Pictures of my work coming soon. I know how you all love to see a freshly organized space.

P.S. I took Miles in for his two month well baby check today. He is 23 inches long (50th percentile), and 12 pounds exactly (50th percentile). He hasn't lost his hair the way the older boys did. I know I really need to take some pictures and post them here soon. I will try my best. Pinky swear.


  1. um you need to kiss it! pictures please!

  2. yes on the pictures. i don't know what wins out....freshly organized space by you or one of your ADORABLE boys that you and geary are so good at making. just post both so i can be happy:)


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