Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One of Those Days

Let's talk about three things that happened today which made me feel like a complete moron today, okay?

Number One

I had forgotten to turn in a form from Noah's re-enrollment packet for school. The school secretary emailed me to ask about it and after I located the lost form I told her I would turn it in today after dropping Noah off in his classroom. So this morning I walked into the school juggling Miles in his car seat, Toby with his hands full of police car toys, Noah, and the form. I immediately dropped the paper in a puddle.

I'm not done.

So I picked up the paper and laid it flat across Miles' car seat and we continued on. I held the door open to the first grade classroom and ushered Noah and Toby inside. After greeting the teacher and a few other first grade moms I bade Noah good-day and picked up Miles' car seat and the wet form once again and made my way to the office. Once in the office I noticed that the wet form was no longer on Miles' car seat. It must have blown off. So I left the baby in the care of one of the office ladies and ran back outside to find the missing paper. It was laying in a soggy heap outside the first grade classroom. Just as I stepped up to retrieve the paper Noah's teacher opened the door and came out with Toby who I had completely forgotten in her classroom. Soooo embarrassing! And my poor middle child! I hope I haven't scarred him for life. Ugh!

Number Two

I was at Women's Bible Study this morning and I reached into my bag to get my Bible. What I pulled out instead was a stack of thank you notes that I thought I had mailed months ago.

Number Three

My friend Rebecca brought us a delicious meal in a beautiful cobalt blue casserole dish with a lid. That blue dish has sat on our counter for a month and a half. Every Sunday I would say to Geary, "We can't forget to take Rebecca's dish to church to give it back to her." And every Sunday we would forget. But today I remembered! I brought it with me to Bible Study and reminded Rebecca herself three or four times to not leave without getting her dish from me. So when we went out to my van to get the dish I opened the trunk and the dish fell out and shattered on the ground at my feet.

"I'll replace it! Where did you get it?"

"I don't know....it was a wedding present."

Aaaaaaaaaaaagh! Rebecca was so kind and gracious though. And I will replace the dish. And I did mail those cards on my way home today. And I have hugged and kissed Toby a million times already today and have plans to give him a million more.

So glad God loves me and delights in me even when I'm a bumbling ninny.


  1. What?! Three children and no sleep means you aren't superwoman? You still get major points in my book for successfully leaving the house. Plus homemade Christmas pillow covers, and...

  2. We all love and delight in you and yes, we all have had THOSE days! Thanks for giving us a chuckle and I pray the rest of your day is fabulous! And I'm sure your middle child won't need therapy!

  3. and . . the jugs - two jugs at once. don't forget that!!!

    make yourself some tea and put your feet up :) cause you're a great mom!

  4. I delight in you BECAUSE you're a ninny!

  5. ah *groan* I was crying with you! Hope there are some unexpected joys and successes in this day! (Jesus can redeem anything ;o) )


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