Wednesday, December 30, 2009


It snowed yesterday. Here's how I feel about it snow:

It's very pretty when it is falling.
It's very pretty before anyone has walked on it.
It should stay in the mountains. Really.

But the kids were excited and we bundled them up to play in the back yard for a few minutes.

An inch of snow is very deep when
you're small enough to wear frog rain boots.

Look at the snowflake shadow under Toby's eye.
They were giant snowflakes.

The snow we had was perfect for packing into snowballs.

Really, really, really...

...really BIG snowballs!

Daddy was the intended target of this throw.
Geary said, "When you're in a snowball fight with a seven year old
the safest thing to do is stand still."

It was a fun 10 minutes of playing in the cold.

And I do have to admit that snow really makes it feel like Christmas!

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  1. Oh... WHY.. does snow have to stay in the Mountains... I know that reality more than I want to... we have had snow on the ground since Sept. I am not a fan! Merry Christmas and Happy New you to you and your beautiful boys!


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