Friday, December 04, 2009

Miles' First Days

My biggest baby yet. Noah was 8lbs 6oz,
Toby was 7lbs 8oz, Miles was 8lbs 8oz.

Spreadable Toes!

He figured out how to suck on his fingers right away.
Clearly he's a genius.

Melissa, my incredible doula--love her!

My awesome husband
and the infamous "roll with the pain" balance ball.

There are many pictures that look just like this one.
Mainly because if he wasn't nursing he was swaddled like this
and sleeping all day on Thanksgiving.

Getting ready to leave the hospital.

This was taken seconds before he flopped forward on his face.
I am the best mother ever.

He forgave me pretty quickly, though.

All bundled up in the car seat.

Meeting his biggest brother for the first time.
Toby is still not interested in holding him.

Swaddled in my favorite hedgehog blanket.


  1. The first burrito pic looks SO much like Noah to me!!

  2. I am just DYING to snuggle and kiss my new nephew!! Christmas come quickly!


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