Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I had my 40 week prenatal appointment yesterday and everything looked good. Except for one thing--my blood pressure was a little high. I am still only 1cm dilated and the baby is still really high up in my womb. Not super encouraging but really anything could happen at any time.

After that appointment I went to another monitoring session where the amniotic fluid was at an okay level. Not super, but not dangerously low. And my blood pressure was a little higher. Of course by this time I was a little stressed out by the low fluid (and the fact that I loathe going to this office). An OB/GYN came in to talk to me and put on the pressure to be induced that day. I refused and made a good case as to why I was not interested. He respected my decision but is asking me to consider scheduling an induction for this coming Sunday.

I know God is in control of this birth and that I can rest in his sovereignty over it...but it's really hard to do that when I've spent so long preparing for a natural birth and when all my medical support team puts on the pressure and makes me feel like I'm harming my baby.

Because of the high blood pressure and not super fluid levels I go back to the hated monitoring office this Wednesday for more monitoring and a chat with a different OB/GYN. Please pray for wisdom. I am still hoping for a natural birth. Hopefully Baby M will get the message and decide to make an appearance this week. Hopefully even today or tomorrow. Pray, pray, pray for me, okay?


  1. I'm praying without ceasing. Love you

  2. Hey Jeanna,
    I ended up being induced because my blood pressure was too high. I think it was 160/100 when my midwives and I made the call. I had been on bedrest and it wasn't helping. They gave me a little pitocin to get things going, then took me off the pit and broke my water and my body just took over from there and had a natural, non-medicated birth. I was super scared to be induced but it ended up turning out not so bad. Just wanted to encourage you. Everyone has horror stories about being induced. Just wanted to give you a positive one. God is in control. Hoping you have a little one in your arms soon!

  3. i'm joining with these wonderful ladies and praying too, jeana. this is a lot of stress and a lot of unknown. i want to echo what annie said and say i had multiple "natural" inducement methods (balloon, cervix ripening, water breaking, etc) and was getting nowhere and they gave me just a tad of pitocin and we were off! i had no other intervention after that and had what i consider a "natural" birth where i got to experience it all. we tried everything to avoid the pitocin, but it wasn't possible, but i was still able to have things the way i wanted. hope that's somewhat encouraging. however and whenever baby M makes his appearance he will be loved and cherished. everything else will fade away. praying for you friend!

  4. Thank you, girls. That does give me a lot of hope. Plus I'll have Melissa Brewster with me as my doula--I know she'll do a good job supporting me and advocating for me when I need extra help. I really appreciate knowing your stories and knowing that it doesn't HAVE to be an intervention filled birth. Phew!


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